65 young scientists leave for internships at foreign research centres

65 young scientists will soon leave to conduct research in reputable foreign scientific centres. Ministry of Science announced the results of the fourth edition of the Mobility Plus programme. Its winners will receive up to 10 thousand zlotys scholarships.

Mobility Plus programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education is designed to help young researchers to advance their research careers. Its winners participate in scientific research or R&D work carried out in centres abroad, using the equipment and methods that are not available in Poland.

The winners represent all scientific disciplines. "As many as 31 of them are graduate students who are just beginning their scientific careers. Leaving will allow them to carry out their research under the supervision of outstanding researchers of international standing. The duration of their visits will be from 6 to 36 months" - announced the Ministry of Science on its website.

Eight winners opted for three-year stays abroad. Among them they are: MSc. Kamil Bojarczuk and Dr. Eliza Głodkowska-Mrówka from the Medical University of Warsaw; Marzena Rusanowska, Dr. Anna Jankowska and Dr. Mirosław Książek from the Jagiellonian University; Michał Studziński from the University of Gdańsk; Dr. Tomasz Mikołajczyk from the Jagiellonian University Medical College; Dr. Maksim Kouza from the University of Warsaw.

The total value of awarded funding exceeds 21 million zlotys, including more than 754 thousand zlotys in 2015. Winners will receive 10 thousand zlotys per month, 2 thousand zlotys for a spouse, and 1000 zlotys for a child. The financing includes a stay abroad of the participant with his family, possible cost of commuting from home to the research centre and the costs of travel.

Full list of winners is available on the website.

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