Easier access to Polish higher schools for international students

International students who wish to study in Poland will be entitled to study on more advantageous rules.

The change is possible due to the new law regulation adopted on August 7, 2015 amending the conditions under which international students may pursue their studies and research.

Students will not be required any longer to pay upfront tuition fees for the whole period of studies. As a result of the new regulation tuition fees at Polish higher education establishments are likely to decrease as Polish higher schools are about to compete to attract the international students.

Currently 46 thousand international students study in Poland. It was only in the last year that the number of international students increased by 10 thousand. In order to promote internationalisation of higher education it is crucial to facilitate access to academic courses at Polish universities for foreign students. Apart from the new regulation the bill on Polish language has been recently amended as well allowing an easier way to obtain Polish language certificates.